Relational Yoga: Flexibility and Freedom in Relationship

Whereas physical yoga brings you into deeper relationship with your body, relational yoga brings you into deeper relationship with others. Instead of creating greater flexibility in how you move, relational yoga helps you create greater flexibility in your relationships and in your life.


Free yourself from unconscious conditioning. Respond authentically, instead of react, to circumstances in your life. See your patterns with clarity and understanding to create true freedom.


With some simple practices and perspectives you can dramatically improve the quality of all your relationships. Anyone can learn to create all new levels of connection and understanding.


When we celebrate and what makes each of us unique, we realize just how much we all have in common. Healing and understanding starts when we feel seen and celebrated exactly as we are.


Sometimes creating profound connection is as easy as looking just beneath the surface with whoever you are with. There is a simple art in learning how to truly be with one another, as we are.

Create Profound Connections

When your unique self has an opportunity to be seen, celebrated and understood, if frees you in some truly profound ways to see, celebrate and understand someone else. Our mission is to support you in understanding, loving and accepting yourself, so that you can embrace others and the world in a whole new way.