Team Building and Workplace Communication

 Connecting your team. Changing the world.

There is a crisis in the American workplace that is so pervasive that most people take it for granted. In 2010, Harvard Business Review reported that only 45% of employees in the U.S. were satisfied with their jobs (the lowest morale in 23 years). Millions of people at all levels are suffering from poor morale in their organizations. At the root of this poor morale is often disconnection between team members and their managers, as well as individuals and their role in the organization.

Currently, over half of the professional U.S. labor force works more than 50 hours per week, consuming approximately 44% of waking hours. Our work environments deliver significant impact on who we are and how we experience life. Our time at work has the potential to be an ongoing source of frustration or satisfaction. When we couple this truth with the high cost of turnover, we can no longer afford to be idle. Now, more than ever, it is time to focus on relating as much as efficiency, growth or profit.

We believe every organization is capable of cultivating a culture that promotes top performance, open, honest communication, inclusion, mutual respect and overall satisfaction.

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1) Retreat Facilitation & Workshops

Do you plan annual or semi-annual retreats for your leadership team that generate the results you want and need, or do team members quickly fall into old familiar patterns? Does your team leave these retreats feeling more connected and ready to take on the strategy of the organization, or does the euphoria of a new experience quickly wear off?

We offer dynamic, engaging, and organization-specific whole day and half day retreats that will be like nothing you have ever experienced. In a fun and supportive environment, we focus directly on how team members relate to one another and themselves. Your team will spend part of the day acquiring new skills that strengthen their relationships, communication skills, and their ability to understand each other more fully. The rest of the day will address the specific practical needs of your organization that might include: strategic plan, mission/vision, key decisions, committee function and leadership transition.

We are committed to achieving lasting results in your organization.

2) Management & Staff Training: Holistic Listening

Communication is at the foundation of organizational alignment. As an organization grows, it often becomes increasingly difficult to facilitate open and honest communication. This leadership challenge multiplies when communication becomes charged with emotion and perceived value. Our Holistic Listening Training provides a set of skills that will transcend the classroom directly into practice. We provide the tools to navigate Crucial Conversations. The leaders who take our training are taught to administer Holistic Listening within their organizations. This training will have profound impact on the health of your organization’s culture and the successful execution of strategic goals.

3) Executive Coaching

Our executive coaches work with leaders of organizations to refine personal style and target salient behaviors needed for success. We believe that any leader who exhibits potential, has passion, and is willing to be self-reflective, can be coached to greatness. Our approach is three fold: 1) We collect a self-assessment from the leader being coached and develop a coaching agreement 2) We ask the leader’s manager (unless it is the CEO) to provide a review. 3) We engage the key stakeholders who report to the leader for feedforward (as opposed to feedback). After collecting data, we involve the leader (with agreement from their manager) in determining the desired one or two key behaviors needed for their success. The rest of the coaching relationship is spent on actualizing those key behaviors. We measure results through feedback from the key stakeholders who surround the leader being coached.

4) Leadership and Strategy Development

Whether you work for a non-profit or a Fortune 500 company, your organization will be only as successful as your leadership team. What are the important principles of leadership inside of an organization? What are the key drivers of successful businesses? Do you have an effective strategic plan? Our Leadership and Strategic Planning Curriculum will help your team work through these questions. We offer the development of Strategy Maps, Mission and Vision Statements, and Best Practices.

5) Personal Effectiveness Training, Community Workshops

You might think that connection is a talent that some people have and others do not. The real truth is that connecting is a skill. And like any skill, it can be taught. Connection can be learned. All of us have the potential to create rich, authentic connections in every area of our lives. The good news is, it’s not that hard. The better news is, it can be fun and incredibly rewarding to learn how to connect deeply and authentically. We are dedicated to making sure that you learn the simple tools to support all of your connections and relationships in thriving to their fullest potential.