Relational Yoga Open Men’s Group: Asheville, NC

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The world needs men who are living with meaning and purpose.

Our open men’s group meets once a month and is dedicated to supporting you (men in the Asheville area) in your growth, and in aligning with your own deepest truth. We are not here to change you or tell you how to be. We are simply here to help you discover, clarify and express yourself with freedom and choice. Our conviction is that when you move from wholeness, you will naturally show up with integrity, compassion and strength.

Together, we harness the power of inquiry and honest reflection, to help you see yourself (and your relationship to your life) with greater awareness and understanding. We also explore structured relational exercises to help you increase your capacity to connect and communicate.

If you, or someone you know is ready to lean into your growth edge (and support other men in doing the same), then join us as we get together raising our game.

Now is the time for you to heal, grow and embrace your gifts. Right now, is your opportunity to love your life and show up as a hero to yourself, your woman, your family, your friends, your community and the world.


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