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Take your relationships and your team to the next level with advanced relational skills.

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We work with companies, churches and other groups to bring new skills and perspectives to your organization. We also work with individuals and couples to provide the tools that you need to enjoy amazing relationships and a more connected life. The same skills that will help you enhance your personal life can also help you perform at work or build a highly effective team. We also design custom programs to meet specific needs.

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Relating as a Spiritual Practice – This one day workshop brings people into a profound experience of connecting with others. Rather than retreat into solitary prayer or meditation, we connect with the divine by putting attention on relationships. Experience the miracle of humanity like never before and learn how to see God by looking into the eyes of others.

Relational Games – This half day event is a fun and potent introduction to advanced relational skill building. Experience some simple games with a unique focus on communication and relationship. You’ll experience feeling seen AND seeing others with greater depth and understanding. Prepare to be surprised and inspired by how much you can connect with someone you’ve just met, or even someone you’ve known for years.

The Art of Conflict Resolution – This two day workshop explores conflict resolution as an art and a skill. We’ll uncover some essential tools that help people resolve charged communications and understand one another. We’ll reveal why emotional upset makes communication so difficult and introduce skills that calm things down. We’ll practice crucial skills that disarm upset and support mutual understanding.

Couples Skills Training and Support – Lots of loving couples want to stay together but struggle. Stress, misunderstanding and miscommunication can put incredible pressure on relationships. In this 3 day workshop we practice how to effectively listen and communicate to help couples both survive and thrive. You’ll learn to understand your partner AND you’ll learn how to express yourself so they can hear you. We’ll explore tools that support in you creating the connection, trust and intimacy that every couple needs.

The Authentic Man Program Weekend (AMP) – is a growth opportunity for men. This three day experience will help you free yourself from unconscious conditioning. At AMP you’ll learn powerful communication and relationship skills so you can create amazing connections with women, family and friends. You’ll spend two days working with the Men’s Leadership Team and one full day with the AMP Women’s team. You’ll get real-time feedback and explore new ways of showing up, for all new results. Join us at an AMP weekend and claim the freedom to be your authentic self.

Clearing Shame: Your Opportunity Weekends – Adrial Dale created this transformational weekend experience to help people and integrate shame and identity level trauma. This groundbreaking weekend liberates people from shame and isolation. In a supportive environment, participants shine a loving light on otherwise painful shadows. By working with trauma in a group setting, we’re able to bring people back into a healthy connection with friends, family and community.

Facilitation and Leadership Training – In this 6 month training we explore the tools, techniques and perspectives of outstanding group facilitation. In this ongoing series, you’ll learn how to facilitate a number of proven exercises that get results. We’ll take a close look at the essential skills and perspectives that you need to safely and effectively move people through profound personal group experiences. You’ll also learn powerful ways to relate to group dynamics that inspire trust in participants.

Public Speaking Intensive – In this weekend workshop you’ll learn the skills required to effectively deliver your message to an audience. You’ll learn how to embrace fear and nervousness so you can be fully embodied in your communications. We’ll practice essential skills that will empower you to confidently speak at a small business meeting or address an audience of thousands.

Communication in Sales – In this 2 day workshop we’ll focus on some essential skills and communication tools to support you in selling to your customers. In order to trust you, your services or your products, customers need to feel understood and supported. They need to feel connected to you. Learn how to listen and create powerful connections with potential customers at all new levels of effectiveness.

Authentic Team Building – Break away from traditional team building and motivational events. Our team building exercises don’t just motivate people, they instill new skills into company culture so that your team naturally starts to communicate and operate more effectively. Your team will acquire new skills that strengthen their relationships, communication skills, and ability to understand each other. When people enjoy their work and trust their teammates, they live happier lives and get better results.

Management & Staff Training – Communication is at the foundation of organizational alignment. As an organization grows, it often becomes increasingly difficult to facilitate open and honest communication. This leadership challenge multiplies when communication becomes charged with emotion and perceived value. Our Holistic Listening Training provides a set of skills that will transcend the classroom directly into practice. We provide the tools to navigate Crucial Conversations. The leaders who take our training are taught to administer Holistic Listening within their organizations. This training will have profound impact on the health of your organization’s culture and the successful execution of strategic goals.